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Solar Panels FIT Petition - We Need Clarity *Petition CLOSED*

Whilst the Feed In Tariff changes have now gone ahead, possibly the most damaging part of the recent F.I.T. decrease was the way it was handled. Since solar panels installations have to be registered, the costs of the scheme in the future are predictable, and a clear set of targets should be established to make sure that (a) we have better stability in the industry to increase consumer confidence and (b) the government will be able to keep the cost of the scheme within a reasonable budget.

We therefore will send this petition to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to ask for the following:
  • No more fast-track changes to the Feed In Tariff
  • A published list of dates for when the FIT will be reviewed in the future
  • A clear and published set of rules and targets to dictate how the FIT will change at these reviews
I, the undersigned, agree to these proposals:

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