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Southern Solar | London

Redmile Energy

"Southern Solar are experts in the installation of solar hot water and solar electric systems, with offices in Sussex, Bristol, Hereford, South Wales and London. We regularly work with local authorities, schools and housing associations to design and install solar solutions to help the meet energy reduction targets. Southern Solar can assist you with the various funding options available whether it is advice on the new Feed-in Tariff or the up coming Renewable Heat Incentive. We can provide you with the information and design advice you need to get a solar system that will benefit your organisation financially and environmentally."

What is the sales appointment like?
We offer a free, no obligation visit to the site and we have fixed price quotations. We are also members of the Solar Trade association and Renewable Energy Association and we abide by their codes of conduct, which means - for example - we offer a cooling off period in case you change your mind.

What do you offer in terms of on-going customer care?
We supply the customer with our own manuals for users of the solar panels, along with all the literature that the manufacturers of the panels provide. We also can service installations that we have carried out.

When was your company founded?

Are you MCS certified?

Which solar panels do you offer?
Thermomax Evacuated Tubes, Filsol Panels, Schuco Thermal Panels, T Sun Panels and framing systems, Sharp PV panels, Sanyo PV panels.

What's your phone number?
0845 313 8463