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Green and Co Renewables | Rushden, Northants

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"An 8 x 240W Phono Solar panel, 1.92kWp system was fitted to the rear roof. We had to position the panels around an existing roof window and the resulting array maximised the area available. Predominantly interested in reducing their personal carbon footprint, the Lyle's were pleasantly surprised with the additional income their system generates via the feed in tariffs."

Dr Sue Lyle, Swansea

"Mr Barrett required a large system comprising of 14 x 245w TG Solar panels giving 3.43kWp output. The rear, south east facing roof will return 2400kW hours yearly netting a substantial income on their investment and making the payback for the complete installation a very reasonable 9.8 years."

Mr and Mrs Barrett, Rushden Northants

What size is your company?
We have 5 employees.

What brands of solar panels do you install?
We offer all makes of solar panels and they all have factory and performance guarantees

How long does the typical installation take?
Installation normally takes 1 day.

What is your phone number?
01933 770089

Do you have a website?