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Solar Panel Company Reviews

Eco One Ltd. | Leeds

Eco One Ltd

"From day one our solar panel investment is paying for itself! It's a nice feeling knowing that our hot water is free, and we're doing our bit for the environment."

Mr M, Wakefield

"We keep checking the temperature of the panels and it's amazing how much heat can be generated on a typical cloudy day in Yorkshire!"

Mr K, Leeds

"It's great, I haven't had to turn my boiler on at all since my solar panels were installed. I can't wait to see how low my next gas bill will be."

Mrs M, Leeds

What size is your company?
We have 15 employees.

What brands of solar panels do you install?
Sharp, Sanyo, Phono Solar, NSi, BP Solar (5 year / 7 year guarantee)

How long does the typical installation take?
1 day.

What is your phone number?

Do you have a website?