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Solar Panel Company Reviews

Eco-Environments | Head Office - Liverpool, regional offices across the UK


On a recent installation: "When we went back, a month after installation, to ensure they were happy with the installation Mr McKenna told us, "We have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of electricity we have generated over Christmas. Even with the short winter days we have been generating well most of the time, now we can't wait for the summer.""

What size is your company?
32 employees currently, but growing fast!

What brands of solar panels do you offer?
Hyundai, Sanyo, Sungrid, Sharpe.

Do they have a guarantee?
All of our installations have a 25 year performance guarantee.

How long does the typical installation take?
Domestic installations can take from one day to fit the system, larger systems can take up to 5 days.

What is your phone number?
0845 6868 111

Do you have a website?