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Solar Panel Company Reviews

Comtech Green Energy | South Yorkshire

Comtech Green Energy

"Very helpful and friendly, very efficient and produced excellent work. The job was carried out with no problems and was a very good job."

JP Charlesworth, Broad Close Farm, Silkstone

What size is your company?
15 Employees

What renewable products do you offer?
Technologies - Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Heat Source Pumps - ground and air, Wind Turbines

What brands of solar panels do you install?
We can provide any brand of solar panels. We prefer to use Sanyo, Phonosolar, Sunrise, Sharp and Hyundai. In terms of guarantees, we offer a 25 years performance warranty plus 5 and 10 year manufacturing warranty.

How long does the typical installation take?
The installation timescale is dependant on system size, domestic normally takes 1 to 2 days.

What is your phone number?
01226 289444

Do you have a website?