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Solar Panel Company Reviews

1st4solar | Head Office - Teesside, Cover Most of England


"I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first when I read about this new feed in tariff, but now I have the system installed and have received my first quarterly statement from my utility company, I have seen the proof for myself. Not only does the system work, so far it has over performed based upon the calculations I was given pre installation; which now means larger cheques for me from my utility company."

Mr Sanderson, Middlesbrough

What size is your company?
18 Employees

What brands of solar panels do you offer?
CEEG Caymax, Sharp, Sanyo, Solar Noble

How long does the typical installation take?
1 to 3 days, size dependent

Any funny solar stories or jokes?

What is your phone number?
0800 4102588

Do you have a website?