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Our Writers

James Hawkins

I started working for Search Professionals (the company that owns in July 2010 as part-time work, in between term time when I was studying for a degree in Economics at the University of Cambridge.

Initially, I was working in the call centre, speaking to homeowners who want to find out more information about solar panels, and putting them in touch with three companies in their area if they wanted to go ahead and get quotes. Find me on Google+ here.

Now, my role is running the online aspects of the business, so SEO and PPC advertising (I do this for a range of industries).

Outside of renewable energy, my main interest is cycling. I've competed internationally, and that was my initial career plan for several years, although I now do it recreationally instead, but still love it!

Sarah Yeung

Sarah mainly works in customer services, but one day revealed a keen interest in reading blogs online (she's a massive Google Reader fan), and since asking her to publish her first post, she's started contributing. Watch this space for more of Sarah's work!

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